Meet our team.

We’ve got almost 35 years of experience recruiting in the education industry between us. You won’t find a team more knowledgeable and professional. We value confidentiality, honesty and integrity. Plus, we’re just a lot of fun. You’ll love working with us.

Petersen Team.png

Brian Petersen

  • “Heaven help this office if Petersen doesn’t have work to do or a mountain bike to ride. He’s my favorite.” - Venessa

  • “Brian is our oldest and most experienced team member!  You know, oldest in the sense that he’s been with flagstaffED the longest, not necessarily referring to his actual age because that wouldn’t…uhm…well you know what I’m trying to say.“ - Johnney

  • “Nobody can compete with B$’s work ethic and work outs! If B$ can’t, no one can!“ - Niki

    In his own words

Lucky Team.png

Niki Ralston

  • “Ask Niki what is more important, her family or her candidates.  She will probably say her family but it really depends on the day.“ - Johnney

  • “I don’t know anyone that personifies ‘heart of gold’ like Niki Ralston. She’s my favorite.” - Venessa

  • “We call her “Lucky” (google images - Lucky the Lost Dog) and we are the lucky ones to have her; dedicated, goal oriented, empathetic and focused on doing the best for both clients and candidates all the time.“ - Brian

    In her own words

Monty Team.png

Johnney Josefchuk

  • “Johnney has been my best, most successful placement to date!“ - Niki

  • “Nickname “Full Monty” or just “Monty"- will have to save that story for another time. But if you want a good story, he is the guy to come to and he will live up to your expectations (ask him about his son or paddleboarding). Takes everything to heart and has a fantastic way about making you feel special, probably because he believes it to be true.“ - Brian

  • “You should all know that this is the guy who loves to sneak up and scare me with an airhorn. I love/hate him. Mostly love him. Alright, he’s my favorite. “ - Venessa

In his own words

Venessa Team.png

Venessa McCallie

  • “AKA “LockNessMonsta" or just “Nessy”. Not sure how that nickname came about and not too symbolic – sorry. One of the most positive people I know and in no time she will be one of your favorites as well. Word of advice, never talk bad about Texas.“ - Brian

  • “We would be lost kittens in the woods without Nessy to show us the path - like herding cats.“ - Niki

  • “Venessa drives her car  to get lunch at the restaurant across the street.  Nuff’ said..”“ - Johnney

    In her own words